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Froebel Gifts

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Froebel Gifts

The Gifts are designed to stimulate all five senses, build language skills, and help children perceive the unity in all things. They learn about art, math, and nature. The materials in Froebel’s class included wood, shapes, clay, origami, painting, weaving, paper, drawing, and other activities.

What Froebel knew 150 years has been proven today through a great deal of college and university research. Froebel created teaching materials. The Gifts were symbolic building blocks of the universe with basic geometric forms. Frederich Froebel was born in Central Germany in 1782. He invented kindergarten so that children can be nurtured at an early age. The kindergarten was developed throughout the world. People like Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller and Paul Klee were influenced by the experience.

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