The Best Advice on Children's Products

So you want to make (or sell, or market) toys.
Now what?

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by David E. Fitzgibbons, CPC
Executive Search Group

Hello everybody. Before I tell you what to do, I think it’s important to tell you what not to do. To begin with, don’t ever pay an individual to get you a job! I think this is a serious waste of your money and, ethically, I have a difficult time accepting the fact that an (otherwise qualified) individual should have to pay to work. Enough said.

Have you considered utilizing the services of a recruiter? Well you should, and here’s why. To begin with.he’s free! A recruiter is contacted by a (toy) company and asked to find an individual, so they’re the one footing the bill, not you. A good recruiter will get to know you and your needs. This great recruiter will always be available to talk to you and will always, always call you back in a timely fashion (I have a 21 hour goal, never any longer). It’s important to really communicate to your recruiter because he or she hears all the best scuttlebutt and knows a little about a lot and lot about a little. This awesome recruiter is connected and knows people.people who can help you find that really great toy opportunity!

Your personal recruiter should be advising you on your resume and offering career advice when appropriate. This incredible recruiter will be looking out for your best interest and might just call out of the blue to find out how you and your kids and cats are doing.he really does care about you because without you, he can’t be successful.

You should be comfortable with your recruiter and consider them an asset in your “career bank”. This asset appreciates over time and can be withdrawn, at a profit, or he can just accrue interest until one day he calls with that “million dollar job”. Of course, this isn’t a one-way street. Keep in touch with your recruiter and inform them of any change you have had in your job or (most important here) when you have moved or changed phone numbers!!! If I had a brick for every time a great candidate lost an opportunity because I couldn’t find them, I’d have a six-car garage by now. So stay in touch with your new friend, you won’t regret it.

Consider this anecdote. To me, the toy industry is a big sandbox and people like you and me are little tiny grains of sand. In this toy sandbox one grain of sand rubs up against 7 other grains (or people). Get to know one person in the industry every day of the week and you’re being exposed to almost an additional 50 more! This is an amazing industry. There is one problem though; it is difficult to get in (and get out) of the toy sand box. You need to be in the right place at the right time and hope that the wind will pick you up and blow you in the right direction. Good luck!

David E. Fitzgibbons, CPC
Executive Search Group
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