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Cooperative Play from Bag-O-Loot

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Has this ever happened to you? You finally get the family around the table for game night and you are faced with two choices. You can play a game that is made for kids, but you would never play on your own; or you can play a game that you like but the kids can’t really enjoy without a lot of help and coaching.

This dilemma is resolved with the irresistibly fun card game, Bag-O-Loot. Basic play of Bag-O-Loot is similar to a rummy-type card game. You match cards and put them together in groups called collections. Collect five matching cards and you have a Bag-O-Loot. Simple enough, right?

But imagine the added dimension of fun if players can take these collections from each other by playing a matching card. You can just hear the laughter and the groans, can’t you? Bag-O-Loot is all about the player interaction. That is what makes the difference between a good game and a great game that you will want to play again and again.

Currently there are two versions of Bag-O-Loot — the Classic edition which is designed for ages ten and up and the Junior edition which lets kids as young as six get in on the fun. The Classic edition adds a bluffing element which delivers a level of strategy and intrigue that is not particularly obvious when you first learn the game. The bluffing is what makes Bag-O-Loot such an excellent game for adults to play with or without the kids.

The Junior edition is a lighter game. It has the same basic play, but no bluffing. The Junior edition includes three different versions of the game, each targeted at a specific age group. As your kids get older they can play each of the versions and eventually join mom and dad for a game of Bag-O-Loot classic.

One of the junior versions is called “Cooperative Play” and works particularly well in the classroom. Instead of competing against each other, the players work together as a team with the goal of having everyone end up with the exact same score. In a classroom, you can have several teams playing at once. Each team is cooperating among themselves, but the teams are competing with one another to win the game.

Don’t have time for a long game? Bag-O-Loot is perfect because you can play one round if you only have a few minutes or you can keep a running score and play all night long.

Bag-O-Loot is made of high quality materials and the game is stored in a unique draw string bag that makes it very convenient when you are on the go. No crushed tuck boxes, no rubber bands, just put the cards in the bag, pull the strings and away you go! It’s perfect for travel, camping, or school.

When you play Bag-O-Loot, you will notice a cute little animal on the back of every card. That’s Snitch. He is half fox, half raccoon – a “fraccoon.” Kids love him so much we made him into a plush toy. Not only is he cute and cuddly, but his paws stick together and he can hold your Bag-O-Loot game when you are not playing it.

Bag-O-Loot’s goal is to get people unplugged, off-line, and back together face to face. Social skills are being lost in our electronic society, and this is one very fun way to get them back!

Bag-O-Loot ( is a Dr. Toy’s Best Picks Award Winner for 2011 and a member of the prestigious Dr. Toy’s Alumni.

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