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Letter Books: Connecting Kids to their Family Roots

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from Treasured Passages

by Whitney Biggs, Co-Founder

Treasured Passages will tell you they are on a crusade to bring back love letters. You know, the handwritten, pen to paper, stamp and envelope kind of love letter. So they created the Letter Book, and they believe it’s the most meaningful gift you could possibly give your mother or daughter this Mother’s Day. They do suggest, however, having tissues on hand when giving the gift.

When Treasured Passages co-founder Whitney Biggs was faced with the untimely death of her mother, she grieved because her children would never know their grandmother. She knows how important family artifacts are because she lost the chance to create more of them with her own mother. Whitney says, “Knowing where and who I came from gives me a sense of family and belonging even though my mom’s not here anymore.” Whitney and her two partners Sabra Miller and Janice Maples decided to create the Letter Book for Mother and Daughter to help others make and save memories.

A Letter Book is a book that is shared between two people.


The book includes over 30 cards and envelopes, that when completed, will have created a stronger bond and chronicled the relationship of the two people sharing the experience. The cards are actually tucked throughout the little nooks and crannies of the book creating a treasure chest of sorts.

The Mother and Daughter book has had phenomenal success, even amongst very tech savvy women, who love the vintage look and the idea of connecting with their moms or daughters through pen and paper. These letters can’t be deleted and can be passed onto their daughters. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Their books have been picked as favorite gifts by People Magazine, E! News, and NBC Today Show. The people have spoken…. BRING BACK LOVE LETTERS!

Treasured Passages has letter books for Mother and Daughter and Grandparents and Grandchildren. They also have “One Little Mailbox” designed for sending love letters to younger children and that won a 2014 Dr. Toy award for Top Ten Best Children’s Products.

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