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mOre: Powerful Lessons In Peace

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from award-winning game designer John O’Neill


The game “mOre” is the latest creation of John O’Neill, an artist and award winning game designer whose works are powerful vehicles to experientially explore values, conflicts, and tensions inherent in life situations, and discover how the actions and beliefs of the players affect others. “This game, whose subject deals with halting the cycle of war, is the most difficult game I have ever made. Providing an incentive to change a pattern people have accepted as valid, no matter how negative the effect on others was the challenge,” O’Neill says.

mOre showcases the need humans have to obtain “more” to give meaning and purpose to their lives. Will “more” be obtained at the expense of others or is it possible to be jolted awake to the effect of your actions on another human being, feel compassion and embrace him/her in a bigger picture to experience even “more”? As you play the game you’ll find yourself confronted with the choice to compete for territory with a fellow player/neighbor in the old way of conquering or by uniting with him or her at a soul level to create homes together. As an elegant metaphor, this game presents opportunities to experience a way to be true to your higher self that also benefits your neighbors.

Artist often strive to offer a new perspective or a new insight to make the world a better place by expanding consciousness, but O’Neill has gone beyond the confines of a film or a book or a painting to place you inside an experience where you can feel what it’s like to come to a solution that provides emotional satisfaction, inspiration, and a balm for the soul. He does this by plumbing a situation to its depth, distilling it into a metaphor, creating symbolic pieces and creating a compelling strategy. Educated in both art and spiritual disciplines, O’Neill designs games for players to use as contemplations on life and its’ meaning in the way painters explore the appearance of things by painting them. He has exhibited as a painter and printmaker, published interactive books and cards, playing cards, rainforest shrines, video and board games in both the U.K. and the U.S.

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