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Meet Mary and Julie from Tubby Table Toys

Family Photo 300 ppi

A Play Surface In The Middle of the Tub! Mary Barney and Julie Gibbs are the Mom-preneur founders of Tubby Table Toys. They met in their late 20s at the company where they both worked, and spent the next 10 years building careers. They both loved kids so as they approached their late 30s they [...]

Nightbuddies: Award-winning Plush Toys for Bedtime


Is bedtime trouble with your toddler? This plush toy is for you. A recipient of Dr Toys Best Picks along with multiple awards for Best Plush Toy of 2014 & 2015 NightBuddies® in Napa, California, is a toy company offering soft sensory plush toys for children three years old and older. Afraid of the dark? [...]

mOre: Powerful Lessons In Peace


from award-winning game designer John O’Neill The game “mOre” is the latest creation of John O’Neill, an artist and award winning game designer whose works are powerful vehicles to experientially explore values, conflicts, and tensions inherent in life situations, and discover how the actions and beliefs of the players affect others. “This game, whose subject [...]

Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toys


Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toys: How to Select and Use the Best Toys & GamesFourth Edition on Sale Now! A child’s ability to play is more than fun and diversion; play is critical for his or her emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual growth, and teaches everything from social skills to critical thinking. For the developing [...]

Light Up Your Bikes with Wheel Brightz!


Eric Finch was just 12 years old when he imagined having his bed lit from underneath, like the cars in The Fast and the Furious. A neon glow that would fill his room with light. However, something like that would cost money he didn’t have. So Eric turned to his electrical engineer dad, Ron, and [...]

Peaceable Kingdom: A New Way To Play


Peaceable Kingdom has a mission – to teach kids to cooperate by playing board games. This winter, Peaceable Kingdom will launch five new cooperative board games. The collection includes Count Your Chickens, Hoot Owl Hoot, Lost Puppies, Mermaid Island and Stone Soup. Ideal for children three years of age and up, the games focus on [...]

Letter Books: Connecting Kids to their Family Roots


from Treasured Passages by Whitney Biggs, Co-Founder Treasured Passages will tell you they are on a crusade to bring back love letters. You know, the handwritten, pen to paper, stamp and envelope kind of love letter. So they created the Letter Book, and they believe it’s the most meaningful gift you could possibly give your [...]

Dr. Toy’s Best Gifts to Launch STEM Learning


  by Stevanne Auerbach, P.D. “Dr. Toy” As a parent you can help encourage and support educational play every day and help your child to be a more productive learner at home and in the classroom. While your child’s world expands you can help your child to be ready, and to grow, learn and develop [...]

Dr. Toy’s Best Tech Toy Gift Round-Up


  by Stevanne Auerbach, P.D. “Dr. Toy” Dr. Toy selected an excellent array of tech products that offer interactive learning, skill building, and encourage activity. The balance of time spent learning, play and tech is essential for children’s maximum development. According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study, American children spend an average of “almost [...]

Tracy Newman’s I Can Swing Forever



Wishbone: From Brainstorm to Contemporary Classic


Wishbone balance bikes were destined to be different from the start. The first prototype was sketched out and then lovingly handmade in the cramped bathroom of industrial designer and stay at home dad Richard Latham’s 20th floor New York City Apartment. Over the course of several weeks he snuck tools and lumber past the building’s [...]

Little Yoga Mat: Your Child’s Safe Zone


Jensen Wheeler Wolfe, a Manhattan mom and yoga instructor, was teaching a pre-K yoga class at her daughter’s school. Her pint size yoginis were doing some poses but also running amuck. She wanted to tame the chaos. She thought mats would help. That evening Jensen and her husband Gregory pulled out the extra mats she [...]

Curiositoys: Inspire Creative Play


Why Curiositoys? As an artist and designer, Dave Berglund understands that curiosity is essential to the creative process. That’s why his award-winning toys use three-dimensional shapes and open, white space to spark kids’ curiosity and inspire the creative play that’s essential to their healthy development. Children are naturally driven by their curiosity to explore, imagine [...]

The Journey Is Half The Fun!


Whoever said the journey is half the fun, must have shopped at TravelKiddy! Traveling with kids is always an adventure but keeping them busy on the journey is a challenge no parent should face alone. That’s where TravelKiddy can help! TravelKiddy has scoured the toy and game universe to bring you only the best games, [...]

Dr. Toy names OWI Best Green Toy Company 2014


Dr. Toy proudly announces its choice of OWI, Inc. as its Best Green Toy Company for 2014. See Dr. Toy’s press release for all of the winners for Dr. Toy’s Best Green Children’s products 2014. About the Best Green Toy Company 2014 – OWI, Inc. OWI Robotics is a proud Dr. Toy’s Alumni Member. View [...]

Dr. Toy launches the Magic Toy Box


Dr. Toy announces the opening of Magic Toy Box – a virtual toy museum and marketplace for children and adults alike, powered by super-mart emergent technology. In the magical world that is Magic Toy Box, you can learn about your favorite toys, discover new ones, share with your friends and loved ones through social media, [...]

Introducing the Curiositoys™ Curio Pod


Powered by Imagination – Metamorphic Toys by David Berglund, founder of Metamorphic Toys The Curiositoys™ Curio Pod is a 3-D blank canvas for creative expression and sturdy structure for open-ended imaginative play, eco-friendly and made in America. Children naturally use their imaginations to learn and process the world around them. Creative art projects and imaginative [...]

Laser Pegs: Building With Light


Jon Capriola is taking on a toy Goliath by making a run at Lego with his own line of buildable bricks and construction toys. The Sarasota entrepreneur’s Laser Pegs toys started as an idea in Capriola’s garage and, a decade later, his company has become one of the fastest-growing toy brands on retail shelves. The [...]

OWI Robotics: Solar-Powered Genius


Solar Power and Robotics Some of the most popular robotic kits are also the friendliest towards the environment. Current solar technology has allowed kit designers to include solar panels to replace batteries that would eventually end up in landfills. Solar-powered robots can range from simple to complex, and they can be an excellent way for [...]

Metamorphic Toys Powered by the Imagination of Children


The daughter of a product designer and artist inspired the founding of Metamorphic Toys with her creative imagination. As Dave Berglund observed how his daughter and her friends played with the toys he made it was clear that kids are hungry for these kinds of creative simple toys that put them and their incredible imaginations [...]

Stacking up some fun with Gibout Toys!


  Remember when your mom asked you to clean your room before company came over? This usually meant shoving your unsightly toys into the closet and hoping no one would open the door. That’s about to change… We’re excited to introduce a toy that inspires creativity, exercises the imagination and best of all adds room [...]

Dr. Toy Announces New iPhone App


Looking for the perfect toy or children’s gift? Use Dr. Toy’s app to narrow down the search! Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, is one of the world’s leading experts on play, toys, and children’s products. With 30 years of experience, her annual awards recognize the best in educational, developmental and skill building products on offer [...]

Creating Products for Success

happy kids silhouettes playing in a park

by Deb de Sherbinin, KidSmart Can you answer these 10 key questions about your hot new product concept? An amazing number—85%—of all new products fail in the marketplace. How can you maximize your chances beating the odds? A good place to start is by developing an understanding of the 10 key factors that contribute to [...]

Film: Wooden Toy History


Wooden Toy History, a short promotional video for our History of Toys DVD, which is available from Crowe Productions. The History of Toys is ideal for educators museums and parents everywhere. Also available via Little Wood Studio, CV8 1NG, England UK.