The Best Advice on Children's Products

Dr. Toy’s Rx

Train Adventures


by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Trains have always fascinated children. Playing with trains offers a lot of learning. Children like to read about and play with small trains. The real ones are exciting to watch. Take a trip on a train so that your child can expand their experiences of travel and appreciation of the [...]

What is P.Q.? (Play Quotient)


by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Like most parents, you want your children to play with products that provide the best value for your investment. Toys, games, software and tapes can provide children with diverse play and learning experiences. You must select items carefully. I use Play Quotient (PQ) to describe the extent to which your [...]

Practical Play Space Pointers

7 Special Needs

by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Have you ever looked at your child’s play area and wondered if aliens have landed? Things may be scattered every which way, dropped as if they fell from a spaceship. I know it’s sometimes challenging and difficult being a parent. You want to buy new holiday gifts, but where will [...]

What Makes A Good Toy

1 The Importance of Play & Toys

by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Things to think about when shopping for your children’s playthings:     Toys are an important part of every child’s life. It is a wonderful feeling to give the right toy. Selecting one that’s a hit is a challenge. With more than 300,000 toys and children’s products, choices can be [...]

Toys That Nurture or Why Basics Are Better

Play Everywhere

by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy  It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new children’s toys and products in the marketplace. You have more to think about and consider then ever before. Before you feel overwhelmed, consider the importance of basics. What did you enjoy playing with as a child? Your child [...]

Dr. Toy’s Tips for More Valuable Playtime


by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Dr. Toy offers these suggestions for getting even more value from play. These guidelines are good anytime of the year to enrich your child’s experiences with toys and games and other products and will help you to make the time even more balanced and fun for your child: Locate a [...]

Dr. Toy’s Toy Assembly Tips


by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Giving gifts should be fun experience, not complicated by worrying about how to put the pieces together. The assembly of toys itself can be an enjoyable, creative process, if you follow these suggestions from Dr. Toy. First, plan the project and gather tools you may need: Scissors. (You need these [...]

What’s Right for Baby

2 Baby

by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy New babies need gentle stimulation, selective entertainment, and constant safety. These criteria need to be an essential part of your attention each and every day as well as anyone else who helps you care for and nurture your baby. Balance between play and stimulation, quiet and rest, nutritious food and [...]

What’s Right for Toddlers

3 Toddler

by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Toddlers actively explore their world and want to touch, smell, and taste everything. Watch carefully and child-proof the play space. This age is a great time for lots of good, safe toys, and varied play experiences. The right toys help toddlers learn about color, shape, size, and weight. As they [...]

What’s Right for Preschoolers


by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Preschoolers have a lot of energy. They are interested in everything. Their vocabulary, self-expression, and imagination are rapidly expanding. They like play that is dramatic, creative, and active. Their love of play makes preschool a fun-filled learning environment. They develop social skills, a sense of responsibility, and expand communication skills [...]

What’s Right for Primary-Grade Children

Primary Schooler

Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy   Children grow quickly, rapidly moving through various developmental stages. During the primary grades they are actively expanding their interest in friendships, learning, and outdoor play. Peers are very important. The types of toys their friends play with and their activities influence children as they spend time together. Children express their [...]

What’s Right for Older Kids

Older Child

by Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy Between ages nine and eleven, children experience rapid social maturation and physical growth. They are in transition. As they grow older, their interests grow more sophisticated. Despite the changes, they still need to have a good balance of activities at home, school, and play. At this age, friends have a [...]

Bicycle Safety Tips

4 Preschooler

by Allan Goldscher, U-Bike Inventor, Bikes 'r' Us Bicycling is a fun and healthy exercise. Before allowing your child to ride his or her bicycle on roadways, take the time to teach them the important safety rules. Many bicyclists are seriously injured in accidents because they are less protected than drivers of automobiles and/or they [...]

Parent to Parent: Avoid Tantrums in Toy Aisle


By Betsy Flagler Buffalo News November 16, 2009 As meltdowns occur in toy aisles across the nation, do your little ones a big favor. Understand that sensory overloads on empty tummies bring on screaming fits. Make this the year for teamwork. Go shopping alone if possible to keep little minds from getting too stimulated by [...]

Dr. Toy’s Product Safety Tips

5 Primary Schooler

Dr. Toy outlines a dozen easy things to remember about toy safety, playing with children, and choosing new toys: Specifically for parents with children under the age of six: Observe what the child is currently playing with in the home. (Particularly if there is an older sibling in the home.) The younger child may want [...]

Dr. Toy’s Tips for Keeping Toys Clean and Safe

2 Baby

Watch for small parts, sharp edges, loose ties, or other possible dangers for small children under the age of 3. Be sure products are labeled “nontoxic.” Cover exposed electric sockets. Watch for loose electric wires and other potential household hazards. Toys that are handled frequently by infants and toddlers should be cleaned and disinfected daily [...]