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Dr Toy’s Tips on Outdoor Play


by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. – “Dr. Toy” Every day, weather permitting, children benefit from playing outside. Their fun outside involves a wide variety of play. Playtime outside depends upon where you live, access to parks or a safe yard and available supervision. Children need a wide range of activities for maximum growth. Children like to [...]

Tracy Newman’s I Can Swing Forever Children’s Album: The Soundtrack for Summer



Light Up Your Bikes with Wheel Brightz!


Eric Finch was just 12 years old when he imagined having his bed lit from underneath, like the cars in The Fast and the Furious. A neon glow that would fill his room with light. However, something like that would cost money he didn’t have. So Eric turned to his electrical engineer dad, Ron, and [...]

Letter Books: Connecting Kids to their Family Roots


from Treasured Passages by Whitney Biggs, Co-Founder Treasured Passages will tell you they are on a crusade to bring back love letters. You know, the handwritten, pen to paper, stamp and envelope kind of love letter. So they created the Letter Book, and they believe it’s the most meaningful gift you could possibly give your [...]

Lil’ Waves Beachpool: Safe Portable Summer Fun!


Lil’ Waves has just launched its revolutionary new beach toy, the first ever Lil’ Waves BEACHPOOL. This innovative product is “by far the most helpful, amazing, and fun kit I have ever brought to the beach,” says Mary, an reviewer. The Lil’ Waves Beachpool is a shallow, concave pool — made of a lightweight [...]