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Treasured Passages
One Little Mailbox

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3y - 10y








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Treasured Passages’ One Little Mailbox is not like most toys. It is a memory that you make with your children, an experience in love and a tradition that they will cherish for a lifetime. The One Little Mailbox set includes a storybook in which we meet Sam who receives a mailbox outside his bedroom from the Treasure Fairy. The mysterious fairy leaves Sam messages and treasures. You can bring the story to life by giving your little one the mailbox that is included, and start the positive tradition of leaving your own words of encouragement and special surprises (along with treats from the Treasure Fairy). One Little Mailbox includes a mailbox, storybook, 10 birthday cards, 4 encouragement tags, and 15 keepsake cards to be completed by grandparents, parents and siblings. Once your children are grown, tuck all the letters, treasures, and birthday cards back into the mailbox, and hand it over as a keepsake so they can begin the tradition with their own children.