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Smart Play

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Smart Play Smart Toys – 4th Edition
by Stevanne Auerbach, PhD | “Dr. Toy”

Unique, comprehensive guide helps selection of best toys and games to develop “Play Quotient” (PQ) and expanding child’s play. Helps adults navigate toy and play options, offers tips, toy safety, and suggests 200 playful activities. The book identifies educational, age-appropriate toys, supplies for playtime, and hundreds of ways to make play a life-long and nurturing experience. Let’s play!

Pub. Date: 2014
Publisher: Regent Press, Berkeley, California
Distributed by Ingram and Baker & Taylor
Available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, et. al.
Format: Paperback and eBook.
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-58790-275-8
ISBN: (e-book): 978-1-58790-276-5

Translations and editions:

USA Edition available at many retail stores, and available at
Retail sellers should order directly from Dr. Toy; please contact via email.

India Edition | भारत संस्करण (English) from Sterling Publishers (
Hebrew Edition | מהדורה עברית from B.B. Kasharim (
Korean Edition from Hanlip Toy (
Spanish Edition | Edición española (Spain) from Essential Minds (
Thai Edition | ฉบับภาษาไทย from Plan for Kids (
Greek Edition | Ελληνική έκδοση from Patakis Publishers (

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