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Laser Pegs Ventures, LLC[Browse other products in this catalog]ABC BlocksAge Range5y - 12yPrice$39.99Phone866.432.3735Introduction2013TypesConstruction Toy, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Math

LED Letter Building Blocks

Words are fun when you can build them out of light. Connect, stack, and combine the alphabet with the Laser Pegs® ABC Block kit. Just like any Laser Pegs® shape, these blocks light up when connected to a Laser Pegs® power base and are compatible with all other pegs. These 12 Laser Pegs® give you the entire alphabet and enough Xs and Os to play an illuminated game of tic-tac-toe on a 3D Light Board™ (3D Light Board™ sold separately). From familiarizing children with the basics of letters and sounds to introducing and practicing spelling, these great shapes combine play with learning in 12 great games: Name the Letter, Name a Color, Name a Vowel, Connect a Block, Count a Block, Connect a Word, Spell the Most, Spell Quick, Six Block Spell Quick, Stack Words, Stack Words Insanity, Light Up Spelling Bee

12 Laser Pegs Letter Blocks
Laser Pegs Games
Triangle Power Base
Instruction Manual

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