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Alabama Babies: The Alabama Indestructible Doll Story


Virginia Davis, Doll Reader Dolls leave an indestructible memory. If one crosses the Georgia line into Alabama one can lose an hour in time as the Eastern Time zone changes to Central time. However, as one enters the sleepy little town of Roanoke, Alabama time becomes irrelevant: big churches, family owned businesses, and lots of [...]

Cabbage Patch Kids: The Fantasy Continues


Virginia Davis, Doll Reader People dream of magic, and they tell stories of magical things, and every child believes in magic. But in Georgia, just over Yonah Mountain, there lies a valley that really is a magical place. Here the Koosas climb the trees, and the Bunny Bees sip nectar from magical plants, and the [...]

Bonnie Braids


Virginia Davis, Doll Reader This month the New York Times ran an article on people buying less for their children. It said until recently the average child was receiving over seventy new toys a year and many were receiving as many as two new toys a week. Parents are now focusing more on quality playthings [...]

Doll (and Teddy Bears) Collectors Information


Virginia Davis, Doll Reader In the 1990s, Doll Collecting became the third hottest collectible in the United States: with stamps and coins taking the two top positions. Doll Reader was one of the first doll magazines for doll collectors, it debuted over thirty years ago, as just a newsletter and grew to be a bi-monthly [...]

United Federation of Doll Clubs Convention – 2009

Mother and Child

by Virginia Davis, Doll Reader   The sweltering temperatures nearing the 100 degree mark and the humidity did not wilt the enthusiasm of over 1200 members attending the 60th annual convention of The United Federation of Doll Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia July 12-17th. Members of the United Federation of Doll Clubs are united by their [...]

Raggedy Ann Lives On!


Virginia Davis, Doll Reader It is with sadness that we learned in June of 2009, about the closing of the Raggedy Ann Doll Museum in Arcola, Illinois. Another tribute to history has felt the axe of the struggling economy. When I talked with Joni Wannamaker in 2002, she was very excited about opening a museum [...]