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Light Up Your Bikes with Wheel Brightz!

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Eric Finch was just 12 years old when he imagined having his bed lit from underneath, like the cars in The Fast and the Furious. A neon glow that would fill his room with light. However, something like that would cost money he didn’t have. So Eric turned to his electrical engineer dad, Ron, and asked him to create a light of their own. One that was safe and inexpensive. After many experiments, Ron proudly presented his creation to his son. Eric took one look at the tiny box, powered only by AA batteries, and knew this wasn’t meant to go under his bed. Eric grabbed the box, ran past his dad and said, “This is cool! Let’s put it on my bike!”


Father and son attached the LED light to a bar on Eric’s bike. Eric took it out for a spin and since the sun was nearly set, its glow attracted the attention of the neighborhood kids. They all wanted to know where they could get a cool bike light for themselves. Eric and his dad set out to perfect and duplicate their first vision and product, find a way to get it manufactured in bulk, and market it to local stores near their hometown.

Since releasing its first product in early 2010, Brightz, Ltd. has created a variety of styles and colors. Brightz product line can be found on the shelves of local, specialty, and national stores across America. Your kids will love riding their bikes around the neighborhood with their brightly lit bikes! Be Cool! Be Seen! Wherever you go!

  • Light up your bikes with Wheel Brightz
  • Wheel Brightz come in 8 colors, kids will have fun mixing and matching colors
  • 20 diamond bright MicroLED lights stay lit while pedaling or at rest
  • Lights are completely waterproof
  • Wheel Brightz are affordable and easy to install, requires 3AA batteries
  • Perfect for tweens, birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, Easter baskets and all around fun!
  • Be Cool! Be Seen! Wherever you go!

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