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Meet Mary and Julie from Tubby Table Toys

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A Play Surface In The Middle of the Tub!

Mary Barney and Julie Gibbs are the Mom-preneur founders of Tubby Table Toys. They met in their late 20s at the company where they both worked, and spent the next 10 years building careers. They both loved kids so as they approached their late 30s they decided they better do something about it-fast. And with help, they they were lucky enough to have boy/girl twins, Sam and Maddy. They were six weeks early, weighing about 4 lbs each, and Sam spent an extra week “cooking” in an incubator. He didn’t want to come out yet, but Maddy was ready so she led the way. Now they are strong and healthy and Sam is 5’ 9” tall, weighs 145 lbs and he’s only 13!

As the moms of twin toddlers, they quickly experienced both the joys and “uh oh’s” of bath time. Let’s face it, kids love water play. It’s not only soothing, but also a whole lot of fun. For parents, the soothing feeling can be replaced with one big headache. Kids love to pour and fill, wash and splash – inevitably most of that water ends up all over the bathroom floor. So as moms with twins, they had a double soaking. That’s how and why the Tubby Table was created. It was Mary’s idea as she got tired of cleaning up the bathroom floor every night. The Tubby Table gives kids a play surface in the middle of the tub, allowing the water to flow back into the tub instead of all over the bathroom floor.

The Tubby Table is not only fun, but educational as well. They integrated multi-colored and numbered shape cups to help reinforce key fine motor, cognitive and developmental skills such as counting, sorting, color differentiation, as well as cause & effect, and filling and pouring. Kids will have a blast learning as they play, and it allows for siblings to play together in the bathtub and share a play surface. They tried to think of everything with our first product, but once they put it out on the market, parents and bloggers gave us some great ideas. So, now they have a new Tubby Table that adds a water wheel, a surface to build Mega™ or Duplo™ blocks, and it now folds for easy storage. The Tubby Table suctions to the bottom of the bathtub and the leg adjusts to the height of each child.

The Tubby Table was designed from the ground up to not only be safe & sturdy, but also fun and kid friendly and family friendly on every level. After having worked in corporate jobs for 20 years, they were anxious to use their brains for their own company and make something that was helpful and solved a problem. Their kids are 13 now, and instead of bathtime woes they have teen hormone angst. And they miss the toddler years, of course, and believe it or not they look forward to being Grandparents. Their kids tell them not to rush them but they’re older Moms with young kids so they hope the kids don’t wait until they’re 40 like them to have their grandchildren!

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