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Introducing the Curiositoys™ Curio Pod

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Powered by Imagination – Metamorphic Toys

by David Berglund, founder of Metamorphic Toys


The Curiositoys™ Curio Pod is a 3-D blank canvas for creative expression and sturdy structure for open-ended imaginative play, eco-friendly and made in America. Children naturally use their imaginations to learn and process the world around them. Creative art projects and imaginative pretend play are essential to healthy cognitive, social and emotional development. Creative thinking is also an essential skill in problem solving and innovation.

The Curiositoys Curio Pod was designed to inspire the creative imaginations of children. My daughter and all the children that tested the Curio Pod discovered the magic of this toy. The Curio Pod transcends the world of toys and becomes an intimate space, personal treasure and focal point of day-to-day play activities that grows with the child. By making it their own, it becomes a source of pride to children.

There are no flashing lights, no cartoon characters, no batteries required and no instructions. Free to express themselves creatively, children invest hours decorating and inventing ways to play with the Curio Pod.


My name is Dave, designer, artist, and dad. My years designing playground equipment provided insight into child development and becoming a father taught me even more. What grabbed me was the ability of children to project their imaginations onto ordinary objects to create nearly anything they needed for play. This inspired the Curiositoys™ vision of “Abstract Creative Play”.

The best toys today are generic dolls, stuffed animals and building blocks that allow children to imprint their unique personality on the toy through their creative imagination. My goal was to make the Curio Pod this kind of toy that serves as a portable, personal space that children can control.

“Abstract Creative Play” happens when visually exciting abstract forms inspire more creative adventurous play. Giving children the freedom to project their imaginations onto these forms opens up a myriad of play possibilities. The abstract geometric form of the Curio Pod arouses the curiosity of children inviting the exploration that sparks creativity. It is the ultimate open-end toy for the natural creativity of children.

I hope the Curio Pod will help parents and children reverse the trend that began in 1990 of declining creativity scores (CQ) for American children. Let’s prepare our kids for success in the information age. After all, creativity is the most valuable proficiency in determining future success according to recent employer polls.

To learn more about this toy visit our Kickstarter project and support this new kind of toy.

Curiositoys™ Curio Pod is an innovative toy designed to provide value to children and parents on many levels.

  • Encouraging kids with open-ended toys to use their imaginations in play
  • Inspiring kids to express themselves through creative arts and crafts projects
  • Engaging kids to stay focused on self-directed play for longer periods of time
  • Inspiring kids to learn to become creative problem solvers
  • Offering parents engaging healthy alternatives to screen time
  • Protecting natural resources and the environment for future generations
  • Supporting American workers and American manufactures

Our toys are made in America, hand assembled, kind to the environment and give kids the opportunity for hundreds of hours of healthy, creative, imaginative fun.

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