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Lil’ Waves Beachpool: Safe Portable Summer Fun!

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Lil’ Waves has just launched its revolutionary new beach toy, the first ever Lil’ Waves BEACHPOOL. This innovative product is “by far the most helpful, amazing, and fun kit I have ever brought to the beach,” says Mary, an reviewer.

The Lil’ Waves Beachpool is a shallow, concave pool — made of a lightweight high quality vinyl, is fun to set up, and only takes minutes. There is simply one outer ring to inflate, only takes a little time to fill with water & it warms up quickly! The unique, one of a kind design truly promotes interactive fun, a safe environment and it is durable enough for parents to cool down and join in on the fun.


Lil’ Waves has solved two main concerns for young families at the beach: How to keep their child entertained and how to keep them safe. Children love to play in the water and the sand but all too often the surf can be cold and overwhelming. Similar to wading pools that are close to the oceans edge, the Lil’ Waves Beachpool creates a water-filled oasis that allows children to enjoy the water, play in the sand, and all right next to your beach chair! HOW GREAT IS THAT!?

There are no other inflatable kiddie pools on the market today that are designed for the beach. The plastic is typically thin and they don’t withstand more than one or two trips before tearing or puncturing. Even more challenging, for young children, is its elevated sides. This can make it difficult for them to get in and out safely, as well as difficult for parents to enjoy the interaction. The Lil’ Waves Beachpool is the first and only kiddie pool designed specifically for the beach and solves all the typical kiddie pool challenges.


An reviewer, Mrs. Driz says, “This is by far the best beach pool we have used, after trying a few different ones, we are in LOVE with this one…We loved how easy it was to set up, blow up, clean & put away. Very compact & lightweight, while still being tough enough to handle my husband & I going in to play with our little one. We will be bringing this to every beach trip we take :)

The founders and developers of the Lil’ Waves Beachpool, parents of three daughters themselves, are excited to hear so many great reviews and feedback. After all, they came up with the Beachpool idea on a typical family vacation at the Jersey Shore!

“We are so happy that we are able to share the Lil’ Waves Beachpool with other parents and children. We created it to help our youngest daughter who was afraid to go in the ocean but her favorite spot was in the shallow wading pools that were close to the water’s edge. When the Beachpool idea came about we brought our first proto-type to the beach. Not only did she love it, but in minutes it was filled with other children! The biggest plus was the piece-of-mind that she was nearby and safe.”

Justina Devino Hill, Marketing Director, shares, “Now that my friends and I are parents — or thinking about parenthood, I am seeing it from a different perspective and am so happy to share the Lil’ Waves Beachpool with this generation of young moms and dads.”

Lil’ Waves, founded in 2013, is a family owned and operated business based out of Jersey City, NJ, whose mission is to offer the most unique, high quality beach products for safe and enjoyable fun for many seasons of family memories.

The Lil’ Waves Beachpool is available to purchase as just the pool itself or as a kit. The Lil’ Waves Beachpool Kit is by far the most popular and the best value, as it includes a Lil’ Waves Beachpool, mesh carrying bag, repair patch, circular template and foot pump for easy inflation. It’s simple to travel with, set up and store away. With its high quality materials and craftsmanship it will truly be your “go to” for years of family beach fun!

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