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Dr. Toy’s Best Gifts to Launch STEM Learning

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by Stevanne Auerbach, P.D. “Dr. Toy”

As a parent you can help encourage and support educational play every day and help your child to be a more productive learner at home and in the classroom. While your child’s world expands you can help your child to be ready, and to grow, learn and develop to his or her fullest potential. An important part of the parent’s role is to guide, teach and encourage children to make the most of their after school and playtime hours.

The latest most important learning initiative involves STEM! That is education that supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to expand national awareness and improve abilities in these areas in schools, homes and workplaces. There is a growing support for more focus on STEM as an important area for improvement of students and for teachers and parents to also become better prepared and expand their knowledge in these essential areas.

We want to assist parents to know more about some of the best and most useful play products they can easily obtain to help their children gain more confidence and experience in these areas, and increase their skills for school now and improve future earnings. Many of these products have been developed in the Bay Area (see BA in the descriptions) and several of the products are made in America (see MA).

These are some of the latest and best products for a full range of STEM experiences. Download PDF

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